The secret behind the success of cristiano ronaldo

The secret behind the success of cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, a seasoned player who led Real Madrid five times to win the Champions Cup, once said that food for football players like fuel for cars can go. So, what kind of fulfillment of nutrition and food menu of the right footballer? Find out and follow the diet of professional footballers below. Who knows, you are Cristiano Ronaldo next in the future.

What kind of football nutrition is appropriate?

Nutritional needs of athletes football is actually the same as ordinary people, ranging from carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, to fiber. The important thing, all must remain balanced. Food is practically nutritional when it contains calories in 60-70% proportions, 10-15% carbohydrates, 20-25% fat protein, and enough vitamins, minerals and water.

The difference is, the athlete’s diet should be rigidly arranged in such a way that at any time, including before, during, and after the season. This is because a soccer athlete should pay attention to his physical and mental condition in order to always perform excellently in every game. A balanced nutritious eating menu plays an important role for athletes to be always at their best.

Nutrition of soccer players, such as calorie needs, will vary greatly according to age, nutritional status, as well as training or match periods. In general, the calorie needs of soccer athletes is quite high, ie approximately reaches 4500 kilo calories, or an average of 1.5-2 times greater than the average person in the age and physical characteristics of the same.

Why is eating arrangements for soccer players important?
Nutrition soccer players and food menu selection needs to be arranged in such a way that before the game begins, the process of digestion of food has been completed so that the blood flow is concentrated toward skeletal muscle. Blood flow to skeletal muscle aims to channel the nutrients and oxygen needed as muscles contract to move quickly, such as kicking a ball. This is intended to maintain and improve the nutritional status and physical condition of players before and during the game

But the nutritional adequacy of course not only talk about food. The ball player must keep an eye on his fluid intake. While fighting and afterwards, you still need extra fluids with water, fruit juice, or sports drinks to replace body fluids that come out through sweat to prevent dehydration in the field.

Whereas after-meal settings should contain enough energy, especially high carbohydrates to replace the glycogen reserves that have been used during exercise and matches, which are essential for the acceleration of the recovery process.

The secret behind the success of cristiano ronaldo

An ideal football food menu guide
Following the above explanation, it is about this picture of the ideal football menu for before, during, and after the match – which was launched from the MOH RI and various other sources.

Food football during practice season
At 5:30

Boiled eggs cooked or undercooked 1 grain
Sweet tea (1 cup)

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Medium roasted chicken 1 medium slice
Schotel macrooni 1 medium slice
Saute beans, soun, shrimp 1 cup
Star fruit juice 1 glass
At 10:00

Agar-agar contents of biscuits 1 piece
1 glass fruit salad

Rice 2 medium dish
Mixed fish yellow seasoning 1 medium cut
Tofu roasted quail eggs and milled meat 1 medium cut
1 cup bowl vegetable
Papaya 1 medium cut
Sweet tea 1 cup

Lemper 1 piece
Sweet tea 1 cup
Seven o’clock

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Roasted chicken 1 slice
Salad, corn pipes, carrots, potatoes 1 serving
Vegetable Soup 1 cup
Baked potato buns 1 medium cut
1 orange fruit

Lontong noodle 1 piece
1 cup fruit salad
22:00 o’clock

Skim milk 1 cup
Food the ball before playing
Dinner menu if playing at 08.00 am
Seven o’clock

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Anchovy Pepes 1 serving
Vegetable Soup 1 cup
One piece potato bucket
1 cup sweet orange
22:00 o’clock

Skim milk 1 cup
Biscuits 3 pieces

Toast without margarine jam content 3 catch
Lemon juice or other fruit 1 cup
Sweet tea 1 cup
Dinner menu if playing at 10.00 am
Seven o’clock

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Fried fish and soy sauce 1 medium slice
Corncake 1 piece
Cah kangkung 1 bowl
Sweet tea 1 cup

Sweet tea 1 cup
22:00 o’clock

Skim milk 1 cup
Biscuits 3 pieces

The secret behind the success of cristiano ronaldo

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Egg Rolade 1 medium slice
Stup carrots or lettuce 1 serving
Sweet tea 1 cup
The food menu is 3-4 hours before the game
Rice 1 medium dish
Roasted chicken without skin
Know the contents of ground meat
Sop carrot, potato, meatball 1 cup
Fruit juice 1 cup
Food of the football players when competing
Snack 2-3 hours before the game
Wheat biscuits 3 pieces
2 jam sandwich jam
Bakpia green beans 4 pieces
Drink 1-2 hours before the game
Melon juice or other fruit 1 cup
Mango juice or other fruit 1 cup (given in less than an hour before the game)
Drink while competing
Water or fruit juice
Isotonic solution (a solution containing sugar and salt in the form of a beverage or can be administered orally)
Food ball players after a match
30 minutes after the game
Star fruit juice or other fruit 1 cup
One hour after the game
1 cup tomato juice
Snacks or biscuits
Two hours after the match
Athletes are usually given full meals in small portions, but often

Rice 1 medium dish
Soto ayam 1 bowl
Orange juice or other fruit 1 cup
Four hours after the match
Four hours after the match, the athlete will be given a full meal with a full portion (one serving)

The secret behind the success of cristiano ronaldo

Rice 1 ½ plate is medium
Salted eggs 1 egg
Rawon 1 cup
Setup of carrots and corn 1 cup
Shrimp crackers 1 slice
Coconut water

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